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ZonMw and NWO have made funds available for the 4th call for projects within the ZonMw programme Enabling Technologies Hotels.

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Sanger sequencing
Please deliver your Sanger Sequencing samples as usual in R4-21.
Tubes and caps are available at R5-20.

Recommended Concentration and Volume:
Total volume needed is 10ul: 5ul template_concentration + 5ul primer (FINAL primer concentration 1 pmol/ul).
Template_concentration is size related:
BAC concentration over 500ng/ul
Plasmid (over 4kb) concentration 200ng/ul
Plasmid (below 4kb) concentration 100-150ng/ul
Purified PCR product (over 700bp): higher than 50ng/ul
Purified PCR product (300bp ~ 700bp): 25-50ng/ul
Purified PCR product less than 300bp): 10-15ng/ul

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